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Hosting and PHP forms

PHP forms are versatile and one of the most commonly used in terms of contact forms. If you plan to use them on your site, it is important to consider this from the beginning when choosing your hosting provider as not all providers will support it. There are many different web hosting options out there and you can easily end up choosing one that does not support contact forms in PHP. Here are some tips for choosing the optimal hosting plan which allows the use of php forms.

A suitable hosting plan for PHP forms should include these three components:
- PHP support,
- pre-installable scripts,
- and email setup.

If a hosting provider cannot offer any web servers which support PHP (Linux), then using script based contact forma on your site might be difficult. Many hosts also offer free software and script installation, which includes PHP forms and will make things much easier. Thirdly it is important that the hosting plan comes with email account setup so you easily manage the incoming of emails from the form.

PHP Hosting

When looking for a hosting provider there is not going to be a tick box that says "Php form hosting", more than likely the phrase you will be looking for will simply be PHP hosting which may fall under linux hosting. After all, not all hosting plans or providers support PHP and without it your contact forms simply would not work. The first thing to check in a hosting plan is whether it supports PHP or not.

Email Hosting

Another type of hosting is "Email hosting", something that is serves the purpose and support of PHP contact forms. This type of hosting has a focus on email, often offering more free accounts, setup with Outlook ,Thunderbird, etc. Some providers have also included php forms in their plans so that they can be used quickly on the website.

If you are looking for a hosting plan with focus on PHP supported contact forms, we suggest you try out any of the two hosting types above. The bottom line is, as long a hosting plan supports and runs on PHP, you will be able to use PHP contact forms on your site.


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