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PHP forms: How to?

This section consists of articles and code examples covering some specific issues, requirements and features of PHP forms.

If you are not familiar with PHP and handling HTML forms we recommend that you start with our PHP forms tutorial first before reading these articles.

» How to articles

PHP form not working
Everything looks fine but your form just isn't sending any mail? Few tips in this article.

Sending form results to multiple recipients
How to send e-mail with form results to multiple recipients (multiple e-mail addresses)?

Sending an autoresponder message
Would you like to send an autoresponder e-mail reply to the person who submits your form? Learn here how to.

Make sure form e-mails are not blocked by your SPAM filter
Don't let your e-mail client or SPAM filter block messages you receive from your form.

Stop form SPAM without using Captcha
Getting junk submitted to your form? Visual Captchas have many accessibility issues, here is a very simple trick for blocking SPAM without any security images.

Which method to use for your form: GET or POST?
We received a few questions about what the difference is between GET and POST methods and which one to use. Well, here you have it.

Contact forms or Help desk software?
When to use contact forms and when is the time to switch to a helpdesk system? What are the benefits?

Prevent multiple form submissions
Two simple tricks to prevent duplicate form submissions - using Javascript and cookies.

Secure order forms
An article about why, how and when you should use secure forms on your website rather than normal (non-SSL) ones.

Hosting and PHP forms
Be careful when choosing a web host for your PHP forms. Here is what to look for in a hosting plan.

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