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PHP forms with examples

PHP is one of the most popular means of processing HTML forms. This website will show you how to process PHP form and send form results to your e-mail address.

» Process PHP forms the secure way!

This tutorial has emphasis on processing PHP forms with security in mind! There are too many tutorials out there that rely on PHP's notorious register_globals setting activated with very little or no form input validating. Proper validation of form input data is the most important step in protecting your form from hackers and spammers!

» Is this tutorial for me?

If you have at least basic understanding of HTML and PHP you shouldn't have any problems with this tutorial. You will not learn HTML here and this is also not a complete PHP tutorial, but rather a tutorial on working with HTML forms in PHP.

» PHP forms tutorial

The first part of this website is a tutorial about handling HTML forms with PHP. We recommend starting with the first lesson and reading through others. Each ensuing lesson will assume you already have knowledge from the previous one. Also the same code is used and upgraded throughout the tutorial.

  1.1 PHP forms tutorial <- START HERE
  1.2 Validating forms with PHP
  1.3 Required and optional fields
  1.4 Validating URL and E-mail
  1.5 Form to mail
  1.6 Putting it all together
  1.7 Final words and further reading

» PHP forms "How to"

The "How to" section consists of articles and code examples covering some specific issues, requirements and features of PHP forms.

If you are not familiar with PHP and handling HTML forms we recommend that you start with the above tutorial first before reading these articles.

  2.1 PHP form not working
  2.2 Sending form results to multiple recipients
  2.3 Sending an autoresponder message
  2.4 Make sure form e-mails are not blocked by your SPAM filter
  2.5 Stop form SPAM without using Captcha
  2.6 Which method to use for your form: GET or POST?
  2.7 Contact forms or Help desk software?
  2.8 Prevent multiple form submissions
  2.9 Secure order forms
  2.10 Hosting and PHP forms

» Comments? Suggestions? Let us know!

Did you like this PHP form tutorial? Articles? Is something missing? Something too hard to understand? We welcome feedback from you. We are open to well-intended comments, critics and suggestions. Please do contact us with your comments and suggestions.

» Did this website help you get your first form working?

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